01:30 PM
Policy Roundtable

(By invitation only)

The CASBAA Policy Roundtable is an opportunity for legal and policy experts from the Pay-TV and related industries to meet regulatory officials from across the Asia-Pacific. Featuring frank discussions of hot-button issues, case studies of regulatory best practices and information-sharing presentations, the Policy Roundtable is an unrivalled closed-door forum for industry and government.

John Medeiros, Chief Policy Officer, CASBAA

03:00 PM to 05:30 PM
Executive Roundtable

(By invitation only) 

The CASBAA Invitational Roundtable features top-level management case studies with frank, moderated discussions in a “Chatham House Rules” environment.

This closed-door off the record event is invitation only.

Christopher Slaughter, CEO, CASBAA

06:00 PM to 08:30 PM
Speakers Cocktail

(By invitation only)

Venue: Club Militar, 975 Av. Da Praia Grande, Macau

08:30 PM to 10:30 PM
FashionTV Party

(Open to all registered delegates)

Venue: Pacha Macau, Level 1, Studio City

07:00 AM

Ballroom, 3/F, Studio City Macau

07:30 AM
Satellite Breakfast Briefing

(Pre-registration required; First-come, first-served)

The Power of Positive Change

With orders for commercial geostationary orbiters and technical issues for launchers at a low point in 2016, these are times of uncertainty for providers of the “Satellite Solution”. But is that true? Is the satellite market merely in the midst of a technology transition and “Change is Good”?

After all, 70% of revenues accruing to Asian satellite operators remain sourced from video services. True or false?

Thomas Choi, CEO, ABS 
Andrew Jordan, Executive Director, President & CEO, AsiaSat 
Jean-François Fenech, CEO, Eutelsat Asia
Deepak Mathur, SVP Commercial APAC & ME, SES

with Ian Sanders, CFO, ManSat

09:00 AM
Welcome Remarks

Sompan Charumilinda, Chairman, CASBAA Board of Directors

09:15 AM
Opening Keynote

The Hundred Billion Dollar Man

As the man responsible for generating US$100 billion a year from global ad sales (a 30% market share, with 38% of the Asia pie) GroupM Chairman Irwin Gotlieb is the most powerful media buyer on the planet.

Irwin Gotlieb’s opinions matter. 

In this opening Keynote Conversation, he reinforces the “Power of Data” but also reminds us: “Don’t assume anything!”. 

Irwin Gotlieb, Global Chairman, GroupM
with Marcel Fenez, President, Fenez Media

10:00 AM
Global Insights

At a time when the entire video industry is adapting to new technologies and ever-changing consumer expectations, the pressure is on.


Oliver Wilkinson, MD, PricewaterhouseCoopers

10:15 AM
When Tinseltown Meets Chinatown

East West Bank is one of the premier entertainment financers in both the U.S. and Greater China, helping to finance the production and distribution of film and TV products across both markets.   East West Bank have co-financed hundreds of US-China productions including Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (2016), Great Wall (2016). The Hunger Games franchise and Orange is the New Black

Bennett Pozil, Head of Corp. Banking & EVP, East West Bank
with Teymoor Nabili, Journalist & Broadcaster

10:45 AM
Regional Trends: Future of Video

As video distribution platforms multiply and business models evolve, how will the pay-TV industry evolve in key Asian markets and what are the implications for key stakeholders?

Vivek Couto, Executive Director, Media Partners Asia
with John Mclellan, Partner, Haldanes

11:00 AM
Coffee Break
11:20 AM
Face to Face

Since Multichannel Networks (MCNs) or aggregation “plays” first took their place in the YouTube/OTT economy a couple of years ago, on occasion they have attracted mouthwatering valuations. 

Machinima have the tools, the stats and the scale to create the ultimate destination for fandom and gamer culture and push the boundaries. 

But where next?

Chad Gutstein, CEO, Machinima

with Jasper Donat, CEO, Branded

11:50 AM
In Conversation

VICE Media was launched in Canada as an anarchic magazine that has morphed into a $4bn global media brand operating in 30 countries as it continues to revolutionise the TV content business. 

Over the course of his career James Schwab has shaped some of the biggest media deals over the past decade.  What’s next for this new media powerhouse?

James Schwab,  Co-President, VICE Media
with Christopher Slaughter, CEO, CASBAA

12:20 PM
Cloud TV Everywhere - a Service for the APAC Market

Transforming Content Preparation, Security and Distribution Workflow in the cloud to help Pay-TV Operators’ meet the challenges of the APAC market.

Jean-Christophe Jubin, VP Sales APAC, Viaccess-Orca

12:35 PM
Is This the Operator Speaking?

The Operator is here to help. The first in a series of conversations with Operators covering Marketing Strategies, Content Acquisition, Data Management, Data Protection, Pricing  and Regulatory issues.
In a world of CRM the operator is asking…. “Can I help you?

Tony D’ Silva, Group CEO, Hinduja Media
Howie Lau, CMO, Starhub (Singapore)
Birathon Kasemsri Na Ayudhaya, Chief Content and Media Officer, True Corporation (Thailand)

with  Mike Graham, Senior Executive Director, Telecoms & Media Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers

01:00 PM
The Lunch Hour: How Do You Make Award-Winning Content?

The question programme-makers ask the world over, and we talk to two top documentary-makers to get their tips:

- Pietra Brettkelly, multi-award-winning director and producer - Her latest film "A Flickering Truth" premiered at the Venice International Film Festival, and is nominated for an Oscar in the 2017 Academy Awards.

- Craig Leeson, award-winning journalist, filmmaker, and television presenter. His latest film "A Plastic Ocean" is five years in the making, filmed in 21 locations, and premiered last night in Hong Kong (7th Nov).

02:00 PM
In Conversation: From TV to …. TV

Henry and Nick will discuss how Astro, its advertisers and channel operators have benefited from a deeper insight into subscriber viewing behaviour through DTAM, the game-changer in uncovering what Malaysians Buy & Why and discuss the next frontier in the wider Asia Pacific region. They’ll discuss how the industry’s needs are being met in bold, innovative ways as measurement moves from TV (Television) becomes TV (Total Video).

Henry Tan, COO, ASTRO

with Nick Burfitt, MD APAC, Kantar Media

02:30 PM
The Big Data Curator

How the world’s most successful operators leverage big data and predictive analytics to improve the viewing experience

Ben Reneker, Director, S&P Global Market Intelligence

02:50 PM
Treating Consumer Data With Care and Respect

Securing the Integrity of video analytics and big data

Steve Christian, SVP of Marketing, Verimatrix

03:05 PM
Face to Face

Thom Beers has been responsible for some of the most innovative Pay-TV content such as Ice Road Truckers, Ax Men and Deadliest Catch, all of which were hits around the world. During this session Thom Beers discusses how he morphed the fly-on-the wall docudramas into such a successful genre and is asked quite simply - what’s next?

Thom Beers, CEO, BoBCat
with Christopher Slaughter, CEO, CASBAA

03:40 PM
Looking the Other Way

While the global pay-TV industry has been looking to China, the world’s largest TV market for growth and innovation, the Middle Kingdom, has been distributing its own TV content via the China Great Wall TV platform to the US and rest of the world. 

Chunguang Lyu, President, China International Communications
Huang Baozhong, EVP, APT Satellite 

with Paul Jackson

04:00 PM
Coffee Break
04:30 PM
Staying Focused

The brave new world of Augemented, Virtual and Mixed Reality technology

with Norman Lao, VP International, Leyard 

04:40 PM
Inside the Black Box

Illicit Streaming Devices (ISDs) are an under-appreciated and ever-greater threat to the value chain of the legitimate TV business

Opening Remarks
Avigail Gutman, Programme Director, Operational Security, CISCO

Lucia Rangel, VP, Latin America, Asia-Pacific & Worldwide Game Strategy and Operations, Warner Bros. Content Protection & Analytics

Desmond Chan, Deputy GM, Legal & International Operations, TVB

with John Medeiros, Chief Policy Officer, CASBAA

05:20 PM
Streaming Down the Pipe

For more than two years, video streaming was no more than a “Threat” to the Pay-TV industry rather than a “Promise”. Today it’s a “Reality”. What further pipe dreams are in store for the Asian TV market in the next 3-5 years? 

David Weiland, EVP Asia, BBC Worldwide                            
Nickhil Jakatdar, CEO & Founder, Vuclip
Vishal Malhotra, COO, Zee Digital Convergence
with Teymoor Nabili, Journalist & Broadcaster

05:55 PM
Closing Remarks
06:00 PM
Lobby Cocktails

(Open to all registered delegates) 

06:00 AM
07:00 AM
The Big News Breakfast

(Pre-registration required)

Live feeds from the US Presidential election with up-to-the minute analysis of the results for the Asian video market.

09:15 AM
The New Advertising Reality

In recent times the demise of the traditional advertising model has been declared dead by pundits of every stripe.
The solution, of course, is the inexorable rise of Programmatic and Addressable ad sales. But is that true? 
Has the process become simpler and more effective or yet more confusing than ever for the clients and even the media agencies?

Programmatic: Basil Chua, CEO, AsiaMX
Addressable: Dave Downey, CEO, INVIDI

with Joe Nguyen, SVP APAC, comScore 

10:00 AM
Who is Watching…

How measurement techniques are changing to adapt to the new broadcast environment including the latest thinking on Streaming & OTT

with Craig Johnson, MD Media, South East Asia, Pacific and India, Nielsen

10:15 AM
Is This the Operator Speaking?

The Operator is here to help. Lively conversations with Operators covering Marketing Strategies, Content Acquisition, Data Management, Data Protection, Pricing and Regulatory issues.
In a world of CRM the operator is asking…. “Can I help you?”

Jeremy Kung, CEO, TMNet (Malaysia) 
Jeon Young- Ju, CEO, D’Live (Korea)
Ralph Siebenaler, Digicell

with Mike Graham, Senior Exec Director,  Telecoms & Media Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers                         

10:35 AM
Japan Really is Cool

Japanese international channels are open for business and coming to a screen near you.

Eriya Kawachi, Director, Sales & Promotions, Club TV Japan
Richard Woo, Consultant, WAKUWAKU Japan

with Andrew Stott, Managing Partner, Olswang Asia

11:00 AM
Coffee Break
11:30 AM
Showcasing: Football Republic

The Football Republic (TFR) is a network of social media channels that has engaged football YouTubers. TFR puts the audience first with interactive content that allows fans to have a say as soon as the story breaks.

Neil Smythe, Head of Sport, Shotglass Media, FMUK Interactive

with Dominic Lau, TRACE Ambassador

12:10 PM
Five Tips on How to be top: Winning Strategies for PayTV Operators

Tom Jahr, EVP Product & Marketing, Conax

with Paul Jackson

12:25 PM
Uncaged: New Content, New Rules

Alternative and post- millennial content no longer needs to follow the established business norms or distribution models.
Rian Bester, CEO, INsight
Victor Cui, CEO, One Championship
Jo Parkinson, Managing Director, Love Nature International
Caroline Cochaux, MD, France & International, Lagardère Active TV 

with Mark Lay, VP Singapore, CASBAA

01:00 PM
The Lunch Hour
02:00 PM
In Conversation: Being Global but Staying Local

Being global but going local. Do international content and distribution deals represent the future of PayTV? What are the opportunities still on offer for the global TV business?  Do content and distribution deals still represent the future direction of the industry - what of OTT?

George Chien, EVP Networks APAC, Sony Pictures Television  

with  Robin Hicks, Editor, Mumbrella Asia

02:35 PM
Seoul Searching

Showcasing the next wave of Korean content and what makes the “K” phenomena

Miles Ki Young Choi, Founder & CEO, Bethel Global Media Contents 
Byung-Joon Song, CEO, Group8
Tom Taehyun Kim, CEO & Executive Producer, K Production

with James Ross, CEO, Lightning International

03:00 PM
Is This the Operator Speaking?

The Operator is here to help. Lively conversations with Operators covering Marketing Strategies, Content Acquisition, Data Management, Data Protection, Pricing and Regulatory issues.

In a world of CRM the operator is asking…. “Can I help you?”

Meena Adnani, Content & Marketing Director, First Media (Indonesia)
Jagdish Kumar, MD & Chief Executive Director, Hathway Cable (India) 

with Mike Graham, Senior Executive Director,  Telecoms & Media Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers     

03:20 PM
Face to Face

Headquartered in Dubai, MOBY is recognized for bringing news and entertainment to under-served populations in emerging and frontier markets across the Middle East and Africa, including Afghanistan where it operates the country’s only 24 hour news channel. What’s next for MOBY as it is partners with some of the world’s most well-known media brands and looks at more markets?

Zaid Mohseni, COO, MOBY Group

with Mark Lay, VP Singapore, CASBAA

03:40 PM
In Conversation: A Fireside Chat with 20th Century Fox

The threat of media piracy, the responsibility of both content owners and distributors, and 4K/UHD as an accelerator for new security mandates.

Ron Wheeler, SVP Content Protection, FOX Network Group
with Vynsley Fernandes, Executive Director, Castle Media 

04:00 PM
Coffee Break
04:30 PM
In Conversation

As the lines begin to blur between pay TV, FTA and terrestrial channels for consumers,  we look at how two different companies are addressing fundamental shifts in technology and business plans that are seeing them successfully enter more non-domestic markets

Janice Lee, MD, PCCW Media Group
Katherine Wen, Director of Pay TV, ITV plc & Channel Director, ITV Choice

with Christopher Slaughter, CEO, CASBAA

05:00 PM
The CASBAA Chairman’s Award
05:10 PM
Twenty-Five + Five

Celebrating the past; future-proofing tomorrow

As CASBAA celebrates its 25th Year as the authoritative voice of the Asian multichannel video industry, in 2016 we glance at the past and focus on shaping our future in the next five years.

The prognosis for Asian video market remains bright. Both local and global video content is ever more sophisticated; our audiences are hungry; our demographics are favorable and technology is our friend. 

Nevertheless, critical issues such as sky-rocketing programming costs, problematic audience measurement systems for CabSat, OTT and other digital streams along with services and apparently fracturing markets must be faced. 

You heard it heard it here first – and not for the last time!

Khush Kundi, Head of TV Solutions, APAC, Ericsson
Mark Patterson,
Jonathan Spink, CEO, HBO Asia
Ang Hui Keng,
SVP & GM, Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia
David Butorac

with Marcel Fenez, PresidentFenez Media

05:55 PM
Closing Remarks
06:30 PM
CASBAA Closing Party

(For delegates and ticket registrants only)

10:00 AM to 01:00 PM
CASBAA Annual General Meeting

(For CASBAA Voting Members only) 



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